Apr 202015

Those three words everyone loves to hear, conjuring up emotions of bliss, contentment – a sense of great things to come.

“I am paying”, my cousin said to me. He is working out of California, visiting family in South Africa and wanted to treat us to a nice meal. With the dollar being quite strong recently, I had no choice but to take him to one of the top restaurants in PE, and not feel the least bit guilty.

Having traveled extensively, he recommended that we start with a nigori saki, nigori being the unfiltered cloudy version, which Fushin serves over a mashed berry base. The drink is very refreshing, but at the same time, quite strong and to some, an acquired taste.

Looking through the menu we placed an order for black peppered calamari, crispy ribs, tom yum soup and three styles of sushi, new york – served with tempura prawns and spicy mayo, mexican – tuna and chilli and tiger eye – prawn tempura wrapped with salmon and avocado.

Everything was exceptional, each dish a wonderful balance of flavour and texture. Another element of the meal that really I enjoyed, is being able to share what we ordered and taste each of the dishes individually. This style of eating is definitely a favourite of mine, encouraging conversation and making the dinner an adventure, more than just something to eat.

Fushin remains one of the top restaurants in PE and as the name suggests, it is a fusion of eastern and western cuisine.

Fushin Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Apr 142015

Before some month end shopping at Makro, we decided to first have a good meal – you know, to build up energy for long queues and wading through the masses. So we visited The Bay Leaf at Metlife Plaza.

I really enjoyed the decor, green chairs with white tables, very colourful and refreshing. Our breakfast consisted of a salmon omelette and grande cappuccino which were both very good, served by an attentive, friendly waitron. The combination of lightly smoked salmon with avocado and feta is delicious!

The Bay Leaf also has an outside area for patrons to enjoy the sunshine and good weather.

So if you are in the area and need a quick boost before you tackle a fully loaded trolley, be sure to pop in and pay them a visit.

The Bay Leaf Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Mar 252015

It has been a while since we visited Vovo Telo in Richmond Hill, but nothing has changed.

They still offer excellent food, great coffee and service with a smile. Standing at their counter waiting to pay, after enjoying a really good brunch of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toasted ciabatta, I was amazed to see what else they offer. A variety of sweet treats, freshly baked bread and even their own brand of coffee are enticing customers on a daily basis.

After reading about this, I tried using honey in my cappuccino for the first time, instead of sugar and the result was spectacular. The honey flavour enhances the earthiness of the coffee and really takes it to another level. Vovo Telo supplies honey in sachets at your table along with the conventional sweeteners.

Be sure to pay them a visit!

Vovo Telo Contact Details: CLICK HERE