Dec 052014

If you really enjoy Chinese food, be sure to pay Esian in Westering a visit. The menu is mostly authentic Chinese, including plenty of vegetarian options that will suit any palate.

We ordered the sweet and sour soup as a starter – tofu strips, dried mushroom, spring onion, bamboo strips, dried chillies and egg. It was a huge portion that could easily feed 4 and was quite spicy and very tasty.

Mains consisted of three dishes, stir fried pork, stir fried calamari and a cold dish of potato, carrot and pepper strips with finely chopped garlic. Every dish was very good and the flavours of sesame oil, soy and oyster sauce complimented each ingredient perfectly.

The food did take some time to arrive, but it is evident that everything is freshly prepared as this is the style of Chinese cooking. Esian reminded me of our visit to China in December 2013 and around the PE area, it is as close as you will get to the real deal.

If you are quite brave, order some Chinese rice wine to accompany your meal, but beware, it is as potent as Bruce Lee’s fist!

Esian Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Nov 262014

Mikes Kitchen

With load shedding in full effect on Sunday past, we decided to try something new and went to Mikes Kitchen in Mount Pleasant for lunch.

I ordered the Picolo burger, grilled chicken breast, pickled cucumber, red onion and cheddar cheese and the rest of the table opted for the classic beef. The cucumber looked more like pickled chillies, which I did not mind as it added a nice flavour to the burger.

We all enjoyed our meals and it seems that Mike’s Kitchen is a firm favourite for the Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas.

Mike’s Kitchen Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Oct 202014

A place that has exceptional character and equally good food is The Stage Door at the Phoenix Hotel in Chapel Street, Central.

I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic each time I visit, invoking fond memories of my youth. My first visit to a steakhouse, the cast iron plates and all the delicious flavours I experienced eating a really good steak. They have captured that charm in keeping their food simple and honest but not overlooking quality.

To say the place has character, is a massive understatement! With sawdust floors and walls decorated with posters, photographs and other memorabilia, you will be entertained for hours as you enjoy your meal.

I also find that the Stage Door is ironic in a way. Their menus, staff shirts and portrayed attitude is that you must not expect anything special – but that is exactly what you get. Great service, great food and an experience that will definitely have you return soon.

With the numerous reserved tables I see when we visit, it is obvious to me that their approach is not simply to ‘turn tables” but to make lifelong friends out of their patrons.

The Stage Door Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Sep 012014

Awesome food, great views and definitely worth a visit!

The Chartroom Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Aug 182014

Some mates and myself attended a get-together at Angelo’s in Walmer on Saturday 16 August.

Good, value for money food with attentive service and an all round enjoyable evening!

Unfortunately they do not take reservations.

Angelo’s Walmer Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Aug 012014

July 22, 2014

I ordered the grilled hake with a salad, it was cooked and seasoned to perfection, plus, the fish was fresh.

For dessert I had a butter-apple crumble that comes with mascarpone (I think) and it was a taste delight .

I mostly judge a restaurant by the quality of the food, if the rest is good, that’s just a bonus.

Also, I am not easily impressed but Charlie’s was a great all-round experience and I was certainly amazed. I’ll be back for sure!


Charlies Contact Details: CLICK HERE

Jul 072014

So after a change in careers and little or no internet access for the last 2 months, we are excited to be “back in business” and can catch up on some much needed work on our site.

We have had 3 exceptional breakfasts over the past few weekends, at Rhubarb & Lime, Posh and Dessies in Walmer. As you might have guessed, I really enjoy eggs and Salmon/Trout with toast and coffee as my preferred breakfast treat over a weekend.

Awesome Cafe’s with great food!

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